Why Zaybu 3D Scanning?


The ability to be able to scale the aparatus from desktop size to huge warehouse scale or larger without fundamentally changing the design is of significant advantage. There are no large, heavy components that need supporting. Indeed, the hub and spindle will not change at all and the only increase in mass is the increased radius of the arm supporting the cameras. This makes scaling a simple consideration. The design lends itself to component based construction. The same hub and spindle can be used on a desktop version as a room sized version. The support legs and rotating arm can easily be made to be telescopic or constucted in sections to allow this scalability.


The design supports many cameras in many different locations and orientations. With appropriate rotating arm design cameras can be attached to capture from all angles enabling a true 360° 3D scan with no gaps. Cameras can be arranged out of phase, 180° apart for instance so that a full 360° scan can be made in half a rotation. Cameras can be mixed technologies and purpose. 2D cameras can be used along side 3D cameras, each with their own data transfer cable and protocol. You are not restricted to any version of USB and whatever protocol your 3D hardware uses it will be supported by the design.

High Speed Cabled Cameras

The through cable hub enables smooth, fast, continuous movement for many rotations of crucially, many cabled cameras. This is ideal for capturing moving subjects over many different frames. Smooth camera movement at known speeds and orientation is crucial in delivering the best 3D scan results possible.

Future Proof

The design supports many cabled cameras, regardless of protocol and individual technical specification. These cabled cameras capture their data and relay it back to a central processor or computer. This enables camera technology to develop independent of processing technology, allowing upgrades in camera hardware without incurring the technical overhead of potentially changing the processing software. And vice versa, processing software can be updated without any requirement to upgrade or limit the choice of camera.


The inherently component based design and lightweight requirements makes it easy to see how it could be broken down into assembly ready components. This has great benefits regarding, storage, transport and reassembly.


The design is brilliantly simple! It works fantastically well and incurs little technical and material overhead. There are no expensive materials or components required, it is simple, brilliant design at it's best resulting in minimal manufacturing overhead.